Welcome to Phish Just Jams. These are mixes made entirely of jams with the song removed so you can get straight to the improv. They were put together by my brother (@soulish on Twitter) with the exception of the 1997 mix, which was downloaded off of bt.etree.org probably 10 years ago.

If you are a Phish phan you likely crave those moments when Phish leaves the structure of the song behind and enters into new territory. That music is the focus of these mixes. Mostly they consist of the Type II improv moments from the year, although there some jams that stay in the Type I territory like Slave, Reba, Bowie etc. Each album is essentially nothing but Phish improv.

The recommended way of listening to these mixes is to play them as albums on shuffle/repeat so that you never know what is coming next, and since the mixes are around 20+ hrs a piece it is basically endless entertainment. For me they are perfect for short car rides around town so I can get straight to the jam or for extended periods of listening when I don't want to have to choose what to put on next. Enjoy!