This is the next installment in my Top 25 PJJ tracks series for a year, following the 2015 playlist I put together a few months ago. As with the previous installment, this is meant to be a list focused solely on the Phish Just Jams tracks from the year in question. I plan on going back and doing more of these lists because I find it pretty enjoyable to go back and visit a year at a time and see what kinds of themes and styles recur over the course of the year.

This is my version of the list for 2009. I'm not suggesting that it is the definitive list and there are a few choices that I could swap out with others depending on the day. I'm not ranking these 1 to 25 but just presenting the list as a whole because really what difference does it make which jam I think is 11th or 8th or 23rd or so on. The purpose of this list is just to provide a Phish Just Jams playlist of the best jams from the year. The list will be presented chronologically and can then be parsed and dissected from there. The list will also link to the full version of each song from the terrific resource that is for those want to take in the whole song instead.

2009 was the return from the abyss of the post-Coventry years. It was great to have the boys back again and the 50 shows they played in 2009 hopefully gave people a chance to catch them back in action. 2009 doesn't get the attention that other 3.0 years get in relation to the quality of the jams produced and while that is justified, there is a surprisingly decent amount of jamming in the first year back. The jams aren't as varied as the band was getting their sea legs back, as it were, and certainly not as consistent throughout a set, show, run of shows or tour but on listening back I was surprised to see how many good jams I was returning to. By no means can 2009 compare to other years of 3.0 like 2012, 2015, 2013 etc. but there are some quality jams that often go overlooked.

This playlist clocks in a little under 6 hours and can be downloaded here.